Thurber-Greenwood VFW Post 1916 - 200 Veterans Dr, Reedsburg, WI 53959 - (608) 524-1435
To foster an on-going recognition of Veterans and their sacrifices in military-service to America. Each veteran made those sacrifices to ensure the freedoms and security of a way of life that we all enjoy today. Our Members pay tribute to those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in service when "Honoring the Dead by Helping the Living". The many National Veterans of Foreign Wars Programs are promoted to recognize the needs of those now serving in the military, our Disabled Veterans and the Widows and Orphans of Veterans. VFW educational programs are offered to local schools and their students of all grades to help recognize military Veterans and to promote true Patriotism through art contests, essay- writing and an oratory-program. Those students who chose to participate are rewarded for their efforts.
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Some of our WWII Veteran Heroes;

From left to right; Don Goodman, Roger Friede, Bob Blakesley, Bob Crawford, Jim Montgomery, and Conrad Steinweg

Korean War Veteran Heroes;

Top From left to right; Melvin Nemec, Roger Friede, Merlin Meyer, Phil Kraker. Bottom row; Bob Yagsdel, (still need name), Ray Thering, and Clarence Lee.

Also, Our Viet Nam Veteran Heroes;

Top From left to right; Phil Hess, Bob Corey, Fred Cunningham, Arthur Krolikowski. Bottom row; Howard Althiser, and Wayne Unrath.

Let Us Not Forget Our
Middle-Eastern Veteran Heroes;

From left to right; Jesse Arias, Raymond Barr, Art Nachtigal, Paul Metz, and Rick Johnson.